Here you can find solutions for your specific needs related to data protection. Your data protection procedures, policies and activities will be monitored professionally, with all the required communications and instructions updated constantly. You will receive regular reports, your data processing records will be kept according to the requirements, the implementation of your technical and organizational measures will be covered.

Count on the support of our certified DPO. In a transparent manner, professional approach and efficient style, you will be:

  • informed and advised about your obligations to comply with the GDPR and other relevant data protection laws;
  • assisted to comply with data protection laws, including managing internal data protection activities, advising on data protection impact assessments;
  • provided guidance, regular staff training and internal audits.

We will act as the first point of contact for the authority and for individuals whose data is processed (employees, customers etc).

DPO Skills and Knowledge

You will obtain confirmation of our relevant DPO skills and knowledge. It was acquired, improved and certified through courses, training and exams, qualified practice and clients’ testimonials.

You will benefit from our assistance in order to prevent, mitigate or react to risks. We will help you in reducing incidents and potential damages to the lowest acceptable level.

We will follow due diligence procedures and we will do our best to serve you in a reliable, consistent and efficient manner. Call us now, to book your professional DPO!