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The need for counseling and training relates to the searches for the confirmation of insufficiently tested hypothesis or in absence of a minimal desired foresight. In such situations, people call on advisors with more experience in the field, who have seen such behaviors, they have tested and can share valuable insights, with the purpose to save time, to spare resources, to point out the right choice.

For efficient counseling, a complete and correct exchange of information is needed, a preparation of the grounds where the testing shall be developed, a study of the conditions and circumstances in which the experiment will be carried out, decisive for the choice between available options.

Applying a plan of action requires a minimal consultancy from people close to the project or totally independent, in order to contribute in a constructive manner, with reasonable opinions, arguments and observations, designed to reduce risks, to identify and mitigate errors and to advise on the most secure routes to the target.

Contact us for counseling in order to get:

  • Business development
  • Products and services promotion
  • Multiplication of your routes to the market
  • Increase of market share
  • Valuable opportunities maximization

What should you get from training?

The need for training may be associated with the desire to progress. Financial non-refundable resources available through EU programs have a consistent value. The utility of training services is proven by the competitive environment, where the most prepared prevail as leaders.

Besides the improvement of professional performance, investments in the training of your employees will reduce personnel turnover, will harmonize working methods and will contribute significantly to a beneficial atmosphere in your team. Chances of accidents and incidents will decrease, implicitly reducing damages and losses derived from such situations.

Through training, creativity will be enhanced, by encouraging constructive cooperation, stimulating trust in one’s own strengths and skills, consolidating self esteem and respect for others.

People supported constantly through regular training sessions will handle better unforeseen situations, react more efficiently in case of crisis, adapt quicker to radical changes.

Contact us for training in order to get:

  • Improved people performance
  • Optimized sales conversion rates
  • Better employees motivation
  • Higher efficiency of resources
  • Longer relationships with clients

Counseling and training

Together, counseling and training are very powerful. Companies spend lots of money every year in training, but very few engage in a systematic analysis of the effectiveness of their training programs, in terms of gauging what has been learned, whether workers have been able to apply their new skills in their jobs, whether work processes have become more effective, or whether levels of service have improved as a result of training.

If these sorts of issues are left to chance, as is the case in many organizations, there is no way of knowing whether the training provided has contributed to organizational effectiveness in any way, or whether the money spent on training programs has been well spent.