gdpr auditor

We are here for businesses that want to implement the GDPR provisions,  with a clear purpose, with visionary people, SMART objectives, efficient plans and activities, growing and developing relationships with their partners, clients and employees.

Our experienced Auditors, Trainers and DPOs are certified, having completed multiple courses. We have carried out efficient audits, implementations and evaluations for private and public organizations.

Our knowledge, time and skills will serve you well, once you decide to fulfill your GDPR needs or when you want to improve, enhance or boost performance in your team by training existing skills or acquiring new ones.

Expect our best and we will exceed your expectations! GDPR is here to stay, skills need to be sharpened and updated, advisors can bring a fresh, independent overall view on stringent topics, approached with the right attitude.

GDPR: protect your personal data by default, by design

We can assist your compliance efforts, with comprehensive audits and analysis, offering valuable help with due dilligence, acting as DPOs for your business. Let us guide your people in handling personal data, conduct DPIAs, maintain a proper level of security at all times, avoiding breaches or, in the worst case scenario, mitigate damage and recover swiftly.

Soft skills training: improve the efficiency of your people

Get better performance and return on (human resources) investment by simply training communication, negotiation, time management and other important facilitators of success. Sometimes, in the rush of deadlines and clients pressure, these get neglected, to the detriment of good relationships, genuine satisfaction and proper vibe.

Advisers: what is missing from the puzzle?

Let us look at your challenges and come with a view, with several opinions and guidelines, evaluating the current status, proposing solutions and actions, forecasting results and holding your hand in the making process. Let us deliver you from fear of unexpected, exhaustion or routine blockage.